I am a Software Engineer. I tend to pick the right tools for the job, so I do not have any ‘favorite‘ of ‘first choice‘ technology. I work with cloud technologies because I deal with high amounts of data and traffic.




Thanks to modern software architecture and engineering practices I work with wide range of technologies:

  • Frontends – AngularJS
  • Backends – Python, NodeJS
  • Relational Databases – PostgreSQL
  • BigData – Hadoop, Spark

My CV:

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This blog

In here I share my experience from work, recommend software and solutions to deal with various development problems, share my thoughts on development processes, and warn you what not to do.

Also, I believe that there is no better way to understand any topic than to explain it to somebody else. This is my place to share my problems and find solutions by explaining them to others. Because I know that feedback is a crucial part of the learning process, comments are more than welcome.

My workplace

I work @Dreamlab, a big Polish company being part of Onet-RASP Group. We provide the best technical solutions for many media companies within the group. My team is a part of the advertisement division, where we research new ways of delivering higher quality, personalized advertisements. We harness BigData tools and Cloud technologies to deal with millions of users generating billions of page views. Also, we are responsible for the data analysis and automated reporting systems.